Trade Winds Terrace

Location: Merritt, B.C.
Service: Maple Armor Install

Trade Winds Terrace is a retirement home located in Meritt BC and offers residence independent living options as well as a variety of amenities and services. When their discontinued system died overnight, they reached out to Nutech Phoenix Fire to complete the emergency replacement. Thanks to the inventory we had on-hand and their prompt response, Phoenix Fire was able to provide Maple Armor solutions and same-day service!

The new system now includes the FW106 control panel as well as the FW122 compact annunciator, Maple Armor’s FW511 smoke detectors and FW521 heat detetors, the FW721 manual stations, the FW962 Horn/Strobes, and FW971 horns. The system also required the FW811 Input Module, the FW831 Relay Module, and the FW851 Module.

The installation was completed over two days by two technicians, without any issues or delays. Despite their initial reservations about our line given their unfamiliarity with our products, we’ve received some awesome feedback from the electrical contractor who’s trust and confidence in our products grew as he worked through our spacious cabinet and liked how easy our moduleswere to work with!

Apartment Complex

Location: White Rock, B.C.
Service: Maple Armor Install

Conveniently located at the heart of the charming city of White Rock, the new 4-story apartment complex located at 1293 Best Street is close to everything one might need for a perfect worklife balance.

The Heights’ new system now features Maple Armor’s flagship FW106 fire alarm control panel; the FW122 annunciator; the FW511 smoke detector; the FW521 heat detector; the FW721 manual station; the FW961 and FW962 Horn/Strobes. The system also required FW811 input modules; FW831 relay modules; and FW851 isolator modules.

Thanks to the user-friendliness of our systems, the installation was completed smoothly, and the programming and verification were done efficiently. We are so pleased to hear of happy customers who were grateful for the technical support available to them and how fast the product was delivered and installed.


Location: Chilliwack, B.C.
Service: Maple Armor Install

Nutech Phoenix was tasked with installing the fire alarm system for Popeyes’ new location at 46325 Yale Road in Chilliwack, BC. Looking to gain experience with a new player on the market, the electrical contractor was excited with Maple Armor’s product offering for this new construction.

The new system includes Maple Armor’s FW106S single-loop panel and FW122 compact annunciator. It also includes the FW511 smoke detector, the FW721 manual stations, and the FW962 Horn/Strobes. Furthermore, the system required the FW811 Input Module, the FW831 Relay Module, and the FW851 Isolator Module.

Given the small nature of the project, the installation was completed in only one day by two technicians. Thanks to their expertise with Maple Armor’s products, they did not run into any issues or delays during the installation.


Location: Port Coquitlam, B.C.
Service: Maple Armor Install

Black Rock Resort

Location: Ucluelet, B.C.
Service: Maple Armor Install

The resort required a new fire alarm system for their newly constructed Employee residences and sought the services and expertise of Phoenix Fire and Maple Armor’s products to provide them with the ideal fire protection solutions.

Their new system included Maple Armor’s complete line of products FW106 control panel, FW122 annunciator, FW511 photoelectric smoke detector, FW521 heat detector, FW721 manual stations, FW962 horn strobe, and FW982 strobe. Furthermore, the FW811 Input Module, FW831 Relay Module, and FW851 Isolator Module were also installed.

The installation was completed in three days without any difficulties or issues. We have received such positive feedback from the customer who loves the look of the panel and how well made it is. We are also so pleased to hear back from our partners who commended us on how easy to install our systems are.